Answer for soil treatment after removing stinkhorns

The spores of a Stinkhorn are present in the slime covering the mushroom.  The stink of the slime is to attract insects that are into decaying flesh.  The Stinkhorn uses these insects like a fruit tree uses bees.  Physical removal of the stinkhorn, the soil in contact and any decaying plant material in the surrounding area is the best treatment.  Remember use gloves and CLEAN your tools with alcohol.   Unfortunately there does not seem to be a proven chemical to prevent stinkhorn.  Just making sure the soil dries out as much, and as far, as possible looks to be the best “soil treatment”.  This may be difficult if you have a lawn & other plants close by that need supplemental watering, or if the area is in shade through most of the day.  Lucky, we are in arid AZ so the soil should dry out sooner or later.  Stinkhorn usually leaves as fast as it shows.  The only threat stinkhorn presences to a garden is the smell and maybe the appearance of some of those species.