David Humphrey asked 6 years ago

I saw these for sale, and  the person selling the plants said they succeed in the Prescott area.  Two questions: can they survive a deciduous climate like Prescott, and are the flowers attractive to deer or havelina?

1 Answers
PVGrowers Staff answered 6 years ago

In the Sunset Western Garden Book climate zones Prescott is a 3a.  Bougainvillea is hardy to zone 5.  The routine frost during the winter, in most cases, will cause it to die.  You could try one in an area of your yard that is more protected from the frost, it still will have a good amount of winter die back each year.  There is no guarantee it will survive every winter.  It could make it through a couple winters but the wrong low temperature at the wrong time could take it out. It does have thorns so that should deter animals like deer.