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Jennifer Jones asked 1 month ago

Quick question. I’m a permaculture designer working for Food Forest Abundance. We were recently hired by a Dewey, AZ resident to design a food forest for their site.
Dewey seems to have the characteristics of multiple climate zones: Sunset Western zones 3a and 10, and USDA zones 7b and 8a.
To help us narrow this down, our project’s lead designer wonders if plants such as Pistachio, Palo Verde, Mesquite (or similar food forest plants) have grown well in your climate. Or if you have found one climate zone or the other to be a better fit.
Thank you for any thoughts or suggestions you might be able to offer!

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PVGrowers Staff answered 1 month ago


Thank you for writing to us about your exciting project.  Here at the nursery we primarily stock and recommend for zone 7, including Dewey.  We did some research and found that Dewey can be classified as zone 8a, meaning it may be possible to grow citrus there, though we do not recommend citrus for Prescott and Prescott Valley since one harsh winter may claim the trees.

Dewey should be able to accommodate many of food-bearing trees that we regularly distribute here at the nursery.  This includes: fig, almond, apple, pear, peach, nectarine, plum, apricot, cherry and pomegranate.  We also recommend, goji berries, various grapes, various blackberries and raspberries as well.  A wide variety of cool season and warm season herbs and vegetables will grow here as well.

There may be more possibilities beyond which is listed above as we are interested in success for our customers.  This being said, other things may grow here.

Hope this information helps your project, please feel free to contact us with further questions or come in and take a look at what we offer.


Prescott Valley Nursery