Worm castings – your soil’s superfood

When, how and why to use worm castings SUMMARY: Worm castings are an incredibly diverse and beneficial soil additive. Used in addition to a fertilizer, worm castings are versatile and have abundant benefits. Though you may take precautions for use on acid-loving plants, they can be used freely on everything else. WHEN AND HOW: ACID-LOVING […]

Planting Guide

The root ball will be slightly higher than ground level, allowing for the Packed Soil Mix to settle.

Choosing the right tree for your yard

choosing the right tree

Your landscape is part of the value of your home, and the trees are the cornerstones of that investment. Do you want trees for shade, flowers, fall color, privacy, fruit, or to complement your garden’s theme? Answering this question when picking a tree out will ensure a good decision.

Make botany, horticulture fun for kids

boy garden planting

The plant kingdom is so vast that it’s as easy as finding out how plants fit in to what kids are already interested in. You know what their favorite animals are, so find out how these animals need and use plants in their lives.

Building Greenhouses on a Small Budget

greenhouse on a small budget

When we think of greenhouses, we might picture a grand 19th-century Victorian glass structure, far beyond the humble setting of our backyards. Greenhouses can be an intimidating project, but the mechanics are simple. It is an enclosed structure that lets in sunlight.

Take Note of Changing Weather’s Effect on Your Plants

weather changes effect on plants

We tend to look at plant-tending in basic ways: light, water, and soil. However important these are, if we do not look at how plants interact with the climate, it will be difficult to make a factual conclusion when problems occur. When we are familiar with our climate, we can observe how weather and seasonal changes affect the plants, and make preparations to assist […]

Chrysanthemum – The ‘queen of fall flowers’


Our society has many uses for chrysanthemums as a cut flower. We can tend to overlook how magnificent the “The Queen of Fall Flowers” is for landscape purposes. They’re low-maintenance and, when in bloom, give a bouquet display…