Aspen trees

Carol Baron asked 6 years ago

We would like to add a tree to the front of our home on Zuni Trail in Prescott Country Club area to soften the front and add interest. Fall color would be great. The property has a gentle slope upward towards a raised front balcony type porch  and front door (looks like a second floor entry).  I have always loved the aspen tree and the property next door has two small ones.  Is an aspen tree feasible for our front?  Do all aspen trees reach the same height? 
Thank you.
634 Zuni Trail

1 Answers
PVGrowers Staff answered 6 years ago

The elevation will dictate the height of an Aspen tree.  Because PCC is lower than a native area like Flagstaff or the Mogollon rim the mature height will be lower as well.  So here, Aspens tend to average around 20 ft. which is usually a good front yard tree size.