Panchito Manzanita

Joe asked 1 month ago

Do you have Panchito Manzanita?  If so, do they grow well in a partially shaded area  and what is Suze at maturity?
Is there a dwarf lilac?  Don’t want anything as tall as a fu size one

1 Answers
PVGrowers Staff answered 1 month ago


At present we do not have the Panchito Manzanita but you might be interested in the Howard Mcminn Manzanita (Arctostaphylos Densiflora.)  We have them in stock and they do well in partial shade as you mentioned.  Furthermore, we also stock the Sentinel Manzanita.

Dwarf Lilac is not usually stocked though we do stock Syringa Vulgaris, common lilac.  Though it can grow tall if left unmanaged, you would be able to maintain a 4 to 6 ft. height through regular pruning.


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