Fruit trees

Fruit trees from winter through fall

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  • 10 gal now $74.99
  • 5 gal now $44.99

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Now is a good time to plant!

  • Our ground does not freeze deeply in winter, thus other than a few exceptions, you can plant during winter months.
  • Our professional crew is ready to help to develop your springtime scenery, call us at 928-772-0878
  • Come and visit us or call and inquire about our diverse line of trees, shrubs and other plants that are proven to be viable in our mountain climate!

Sale! Rocky Mountain Juniper and Keteleri Juniper!  Normally $129, now $99! Sale!

Wild juniper

Wild junipers

Helpful Resources:

Planting Guide

Watering Tips and Principles (VER 2.0)

Tree Maintenance Tips

Delivery charges and soil ammendments

Delivery Rates

Planting Charges

Consultation Details

In addition to a vast selection of products, we also offer consultations, delivery and planting services.  Our informative staff can educate and assist you with all of your gardening needs 7 days a week.  Here is a summary of our plants and products:

  • TREES: fruit, shade, ornamental, flowering, pine, spruce, cedar, cypress, juniper, fir
  • SHRUBS: flowering, evergreen, desert, native, drought tolerant
  • DESERT: cactus, succulents, shrubs
  • SEASONAL: herbs, vegetables, annuals, perennials
  • ROSES: hybrid tea, drift
  • Vines, Ground Cover, Ornamental Grasses, Grass Seed
  • Mulch, Organic All-Purpose Soil, Topsoil, Manure, Gypsum, Cedar Bark
  • Pottery, Metal Art, Wooden Art, Lodge Poles, Indoor Plants, Decorations
  • Fertilizer Including Organic, Pre and Post Emergent, Humic Acid, Wurm Castings
  • Vast selection of plant and soil care products from Dr. Earth, Fox Farms, Ferti-Lome, Bonide, Hi-Yield, Arizona’s Best, Schultz

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    Prescott Valley Nursery will be closed from
    December 21st, 2023 to January 4th, 2024.

    Fall | September 4th – February 29th
    Monday-Saturday 8am to 5pm
    Sunday 10am to 4pm

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