Keep the water pump completely submerged in water at all times while it is running. The pumps are reliable and perform for a long time if cared for properly. The flow can be adjusted for increased or decreased water pressure using a knob or lever on one end of the pump marked with a plus (+) and a minus sign (-) on opposite ends.

Larger fountains come equipped with a pump specifically chosen for that model and do not require adjustment. However, should you desire to slow the water flow, scissors may be used to cut a diamond shaped opening in the vinyl tubing that connects the pump to the fountain. Start with the smallest opening you can cut. This method allows water to escape which lessens the flow without the stress a valve or clamp would cause by putting a “back-pressure” on the pump.

Pumps can be replaced whenever necessary at any Home Depot, Lowe’s Home Improvement, or Ace Hardware, etc. Easy to do no matter where your fountain goes! We suggest you remove and store the pump when you go away or when freezing weather sets in. Most pumps have a small sponge filter you can periodically rinse under a faucet if you notice an undesired reduction of the water flow.


Some of our customers choose to fill the base with distilled water. Since the minerals have been removed, there are no calcium deposits to clean off. Any kind of purified water is an excellent choice. If the water ever does become cloudy, Spa Clarifier works well to clear it up.

Some of the designs involve large amounts of water. If you have soft water at a hose bib, that’s great. If not, a calcium filter, commonly used in misting systems, will also work well. This filter can be twisted onto the end of a garden hose. You can also get excellent filters that are easy to connect to your hose from some spa stores. The amount of water the filter can process varies, but all brands give you long service.


The copper is sealed with a thin coating of clear acrylic enamel. You can leave it at that. Or you can spray the fountain with a mixture of half white vinegar and half water. This weak solution does not affect the beautiful colors of the fountain.

If you clean as you go, it will never become a big chore at any point later to get your fountain sparkling and shining again. If the fountain is outdoors, apply a coat of clear acrylic enamel every three months. Indoors, do it twice a year. First, empty the water,clean off any mineral build-up, dry the fountain, and spray.


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