A cut tree’s freshness is determined by its weight, which comes from the water content of the tree. Therefore, the fresher the tree, the heavier it is. A truly fresh tree should be so heavy that it is difficult to lift and maneuver. The trees weight is a the secret to finding the freshest tree on the lot.

Three factors play important role in how long the tree will maintain its freshness: the moisture of the tree itself, placement of the tree in your home, and the weather. If a couple of good moist storms roll through the area while the tree is set up, the extra moisture keeps the tree from dying. Of course, there’s nothing we can do about the weather, but we can control the other two factors that will extend the enjoyment of the Christmas trees. These tips also apply to fresh garlands and wreaths.


Tip 1: A needle from a fresh tree should have good color emit a strong fragrance, and bend rather than break. To test the tree of your choice, simply grasp the needle between your thumb and forefinger and bend it.


Tip 2: A fresh tree should have a good weight, an indication that the tree has plenty of moisture left in its trunk and limbs. The larger the trunk, the more moisture the tree can retain; just make sure the trunk isn’t too large for your tree stand. This might be the year to upgrade your stand.


Tip 3: Make a fresh cut across the base of the trunk and immediately place it in a large container of lukewarm water. If the water level is allowed to drop below the cut, a seal will form that will reduce the water uptake, so check the water little often.


Tip 4: Add liquid “tree preservative” to your tree stand’s water basin. An additive keeps the trees pores open it allows water uptake deeper into the tree. Stay away from adding sugar or carbonated drinks to the water; they simply clog the tree’s system and reduce water absorption.

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