Parry’s Agave (AGAVE parryi)

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The incurving, triangular, gray leaves have marginal teeth with red to pink spines. It can reach a size of 2 ft. tall and 3 ft. wide. Between 10-30 years a huge (to 20 ft. tall), spectacular flower stalk with deep reds and yellows will bloom out of each rosette. Quite cold hardy -20° F, and prefers full sun exposures at higher elevations.


1 review for Parry’s Agave (AGAVE parryi)

  1. Musicrocks66

    I bought 1 perry agave which actually had 1 big one and 3 little ones. The big one survivedvthe winter baeutifully and the 3 little ones have grown and are ready to be planted out in my garden.

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